Plush Mills

Plush Mills

Plush Mills in Wallingford, PA wanted to rev-up their website with a full content management system including a blog, virtual tour, and easy-to-update photo gallery. Their original design was great, so we worked to maintain consistency with the original design, but added power and scalability to the site, so their marketing team can now manage their own website.

We also helped them out with some SEO consulting, and they're now using their blog to localize their audience and target specific web demographics.

Bringing power to the web through first-class development

The original Plush Mills website was designed by one of the best graphic design firms on the east coast, and it shows, so when we rebuilt the site on top of the Drupal content management system, we were careful to recreate the existing parts of the site exactly as they were. But along with a content management system that allows them to edit each of their pages with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, we also added an easy-to-update events and news section to keep their residents' families and prospective clients up-to-date on what's going on around The Mill.

And to add some flash and functionality to the site, we created virtual tours of all of the areas around The Mill—suites, dining rooms, the lobby, and my personal favorite, the bar. The senior living home's biggest selling point is its service and gorgeous interior designing. Their new blog lets them show off the services and special events they put on regularly for their guests, and the virtual tours show their building in 3-D space, in a way conventional photography never could.