Moo G Clips

Moo G Clips

Just like the babies sporting the trendy Moo G hair clips, the company that makes them has been growing up fast since its inception. A year ago, Moo G Clips came to us in need of a website.

Knowing Moo G would continue to grow and eventually need e-commerce functionality, we built on a highly-scalable platform. So when Moo G came back to us last month in need of an e-commerce solution, we were able to hook their new custom e-commerce application directly into the old site without having to rewrite a single piece of existing code—saving them time and money.

Three cheers for scalable site development!

In only a few years, Moo G Clips' web presence has grown from a single-page blog website to a full-fledged custom E-commerce site, and we were there every step of the way. We worked closely with Moo G's graphic designer, who designed the original site concept, and we built her website on the CakePHP rapid-development framework. With Moo G based outside of Seattle, their graphic designer based in LA, and Cirrus based in Bozeman, MT, we made communication a key priority and utilized just about every telecommunication technology available to share ideas. The result was a beautifully-designed site built on a highly-scalable and easy-to-update website that wasn't just a marketing tool, but an investment in Moo G's web presence.

When Moo G came back to us early this year, wanting an E-commerce site, capable of being updated quickly and handling international orders, we were ready. We extended the original code we had written, and transform the website into an e-commerce site, without having to rewrite the site's existing code.

Our scalable and modular development model means that our clients websites can grow with their business. And while other development models would have required a full website rebuild, out model allowed us to add the necessary features to the original site, saving Moo G time and money.