The Maples of Towson

The Maples of Towson

When the folks at the Maples of Towson in Maryland came to us, their website was in desperate need of a redesign. They wanted to update it to maintain brand consistency with their flagship website for the second Sage Senior property, Plush Mills. So we designed a site that mirrored Plush Mills' best features, but gave The Maples its own unique look, so the assisted living home would stand out as its own brand as well. And we built the whole thing on a powerful CMS.

Brand consistency and scalable development

This build was an interesting experiment for brand consistency, as we were asked to modernize the well-established Maples of Towson brand, while aligning it with the other Sage Senior Living property websites. This took some work, but after a number of design revisions, we settled on a sharp, modern look that fits the Sage Senior brand, while maintaining the color scheme of the original Maples design.

We also added a number of features including sharp-looking pop-ups that display the floor plans of the entire property as well as those of each individual suite style—all traced meticulously from the original blueprints. And while it was a lot of work, the results are outstanding.

The entire site was built on the powerful Drupal content management system, and the folks at The Maples wanted to wait on implementing a blog and photo gallery until they built up their web traffic. So when they came back to us a few months ago and asked us to add an easy-to-update blog and photo gallery, we were happy to oblige. And because we built the site on a scalable framework, we were able to add the features without rewriting any of the existing code, so were able to do it extremely quickly and at low cost.