M.A. Simonetti

M.A. Simonetti

Seattle-based author and world-traveler, Mary Ann Simonetti needed a website to promote her new Malibu Mystery Series. She needed custom content management system that would allow her to upload teaser chapters from her newest novels. A prolific writer, she also wanted two blogs, and needed everything to be easy enough to update, that she could do it in whatever airport lobby or beach-side cafe she happened to be at.

So that's exactly what we built, and we gave her an original and unique design to make sure her site stood out from the rest of the crowd.

Custom builds from the ground-up

Sometimes the simplest websites are the most beautiful. This ground-up custom design features a great beach-themed color scheme and a design that encourages web visitors to pay attention to Simonetti's unique writing style and witty prose.

We built this site on the Drupal content management system, one of our staples because of its power, dependability, and scalability. But Simonetti also wanted a custom "Teaser Chapter" upload section, where she could post sections of her novel. The framework allowed us to quickly build the standard sections of the site, and then seamlessly tie-in the more advanced custom PHP.

And the Drupal framework allows the site to be flexible enough that when her next hit book comes out, we'll be able to quickly adjust the design to whatever and wherever Simonetti's writing takes her next.