Katz Collection Care

Katz Collection Care

Olive Press Design, wanted an easy-to-update content management system for a new website they designed for Katz Collection Care, a historical and art collection manager in Los Angeles. Using proven web technologies and some cutting-edge interactive features, we not only recreated the design concept, but added a spark to the site with sharp JavaScript actions.

Collaboration with graphic designers

One of the great joys of working in this business is collaborating with other marketing professionals and graphic designers. Though we do much of our own design in-house, there's nothing better than taking another designer's concept and bringing it to life on the web with interactivity and dynamic content.

In this build, we had a little design-leeway in the photo gallery and blog pages, so we created a JavaScript-based photo sideshow. We built the sideshow with an automated photo upload and format function, so the client could upload photos directly off of her digital camera, eliminating the need to crop images herself or send them to a web developer for formatting and uploading. By making our sites as easy as possible to manage, our clients can make many changes to their websites themselves, saving them the hassle of having someone else make the changes, and saving them money in the process.

This site also features an easy-to-update blog and a fully-featured content management system, so every one of the pages is completely-editable.

We even worked a little magic into the contact page, in order to protect our client from spam and malicious emails, we converted the text of her phone number and email address into images, that way, automated spam bots won't notice them. These sections are, however, still completely editable in the CMS, they just appear as images when a web visitor views them. And to make sure Katz Collection Care's clients could still contact them, we built a spiffy email contact window, which allows visitors to send Katz Care an email without having to open a third-party mail client like Outlook or Mail.

Moral of the story: when graphic designers and web developers work together, everybody wins—especially the client.