JA of Montana

JA of Montana

Like many Bozeman non-profit organizations, Junior Achievement depended on volunteers to built and maintain their website. But when they expanded from a local organization to a state-wide financial literacy program, they needed a website that would not only communicate a new, professional look to prospective clients and donors, but they needed an integrated infrastructural website to help them manage programs across Montana. And they needed it built quick and on a tight budget. We were able to work with them to offer a discounted price, and we had the site deployed before the new school year.

Bringing power to the web with redesigns

The Junior Achievement of Montana project was a tall order. A ground-up redesign with a list of features a mile long, this project could have taken other firms months to complete. But JA didn't have that kind of time frame. So we had the site up and tested in 14 days.

We worked closely with JA of MT to create a design that fit their specific corporate brand standards, while giving them a unique look all their own. The entire site is built upon a fully-featured content management system that any of their program employees could update. And we build in special access for each of these employees, so they could make the changes they needed quickly, and the program director could sign off on the changes with a hierarchical user structure. We even build a section so the Bozeman, Billings, and Montana State board members could upload their own bios and photos.

To help JA keep their volunteers and donors up-to-date, we built individual news and upcoming events sections, and gave them an internal email marketing newsletter function, so they can send email updates to subscribing visitors within their own site, and without having to go through a third-party email marketing service.

But that was only the beginning, they also needed a custom service request application for teachers to recruit volunteers from the business community to present in their classrooms. Plus, they needed a way for volunteers to then apply for those positions. We built intuitive interfaces to allow this process to happen, and we ran all the submissions through a moderation list, so the executive director could make sure everything was correct before it was ever posted on the site.

They also needed an online forum with protected access for board members to upload documents and discuss ideas online, so we built them a secure forum as well.

We're sure there will be more feature requests in the future, and we'll be ready for them. The whole site is built on a modular, scalable framework, so when they need to expand their site again, we'll be able to do it quickly, utilizing the existing code.