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When it comes to marketing and web development, flexibility is key. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure they got the most from their websites. But it's our focus on organization and communication that allows us to stay flexible and keep projects on track.


We apply three values to all of our work to ensure our clients' satisfaction: quality, value, and timeliness.  And while these values may seem divergent, they all stem from the same things—listening, experience, and planning.  

Before we ever write a line of code or even open photoshop, we ask our clients some of the most basic questions and listen.  We provide our recommendations and experience, and develop a comprehensive strategy.  

By answering all the questions up front, we nearly eliminate the back-and-forth process that causes waste.  By the time we sit down to design or develop, we and our clients know exactly what our goals are.  

Developing an informed plan before ever getting to work allows us to build the highest quality websites that bring the client the most value.  And we can do it in less time than most other developers out there.  

Our process is simple, but it's effective:


Get out the old pen and paper.  Combine our expertise in information architecture with the willingness to listen to our clients.  The result is a promptly-developed, well-built website, and a happy client.  


Everyone likes surprises on their birthday.  Nobody likes surprises in business.  That's why we develop a comprehensive design and feature proposal and meticulously walk our clients through the site's look and feel before we start building.

Build & Deploy

We use the latest technologies, but only those that have a strong pedigree.  Our technologies are aimed at dependability, scalability, and rapid deployment.  We're skilled in a variety of technologies and techniques, but by sticking with proven winners and best practices, we make sure our clients get the most out of their websites.   

Analyze & Iterate

All of our sites come standard with Google Analytics, so from the day they're deployed, we can gather valuable data about your audience, so we can see the project's successes and it's shortfalls.  We can then leverage that information to strengthen a client's web presence.





Whether it's developing a whole new branding concept for a startup or adapting a well-established corporate image to the web, we can handle all types of design projects. With Cirrus in the designer's seat, our clients enjoy a seamless development process, from inception to production. Our designers understand how the code works, how search engines work—and most importantly, we understand how web visitors work.

Our sites are specifically designed to maximize search engine results, web browser compatibility, and user experience, while maintaining brand consistency.


Remember last year when that brand-new website cost you the shirt off your back? And now people are telling you it looks old and out-dated, and you've disappeared from Google?

Business owners learn quickly that websites can be expensive to maintain. But they don't have to be. We can adapt any website design to freshen up the look, and we'll put the new design on top of a fully-featured content management system, so you can do day-to-day updates yourself.

Our development process uses scalable, extensible code, so we can modify a site's design and function, while utilizing the site's existing code.


So maybe you can't be everywhere at once, but your website can. Open your storefront up to the whole world and take your business to a new level.

Cirrus follows strict security standards and best practices to make sure that your e-commerce site is easy to use and secure. And our scalable development framework means that your online store can grow with your business.


Your website doesn't do you much good if no one can find it. That's why we develop all of our sites with 100% validated code that's engineered specifically to maximize visibility to search engines. And we include Google Analytics standard with all of our websites.

But a well-coded website is only part of the Search Engine Optimization game. It turns out the content on your page is just as important. With years of experience in SEO and copywriting, we can target your message to your audience so you can get the most from your website.

Public Relations

In the "information age," managing your public image is more important than ever. Our team members have worked with some of the biggest publications in the state reporting on issues like education, business, and the environment—not to mention, represented high-profile figures in local, state, and national media.

Whether you need to get the word out about an exciting event, need editorial support, or even crisis mitigation, our varied skill sets are bound to suit your needs.


It's not enough to simply have a website anymore. With web trends and business trends changing on a daily basis, you need a website that can keep up. That means building a website with an easily-updatable content management system, so you can make daily changes yourself. And designing a site on secure, stable, and scalable framework, so you can add features without having to rebuild the entire site.

Our experience with a variety of rapid-deployment frameworks means we'll get your site online in days, not months, and we can extend your site to fit your business' needs quickly, saving you time and money.

Virtual Tours

Imagine if you could let prospective buyers tour a home or an apartment without ever leaving their computer. Cue Cirrus Digital Solution's virtual tours. We can show any space, large or small, inside of your current web browser, using standard web technology.

Our high-definition photography process means you'll get great results every time, and our extensible virtual tour engine lets web visitors interact with their surroundings, and even walk between rooms with an intuitive interface. We challenge you to find someone to beat our quality and our price.

Social Media

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, the list goes on. Social media can be one of the greatest places to tout your products and services. But just like the rest of the web, even these resources are becoming competitive. We can help you garner a following, create a comprehensive social media campaign, and develop a and integrate social media outlets with your current web presence. Let us help you leverage social media to its maximum potential.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is about the best thing since sliced bread, but it's shocking how few business owners take advantage of these services. We can help you develop an email marketing campaign, as well as design and code templates and messages.

Our experience with numerous email marketing services means we can help you pick the service that's right for you, and we'll work with you to develop custom templates to help you get your message out.

Beer Reviews

Ok, you got us. We really just like beer—brewing it, pouring it, drinking it, and occasionally writing about it. If you've ever seen someone swirl a snifter of the dark, bubbly stuff, stick their nose in until it almost touches the foam, and take a deep whiff of hops and barley, it was probably us. Living near some of the world's greatest craft breweries, how can you help but fall in love with the art of beer?